If your child sometimes worries a lot and struggles with negative thoughts, Interactive Psychotherapy can help- your child will be more relaxed almost immediately.

For children prone to sadness or worry.
For children who feel lonely, and who struggle making friends or connecting with adults.
For children who struggle at school or with perfectionism.
For children described as having ADHD, or neurodivergence of any kind.
For children who just don’t fit in or feel a sense of belonging.
For children who are clingy or afraid of new situations.
For children fearful of rejection.
For children prone to disappointment.

Children’s Therapy

In our culture and society we have children who often struggle with:

  • a sense of entitlement
  • lack of awareness and appreciation
  • a relentless negativity, stress and anxiety, depression
  • inattentiveness

Children also may also exhibit other behaviors:

  • often withdrawn and sullen
  • blaming mistakes on others
  • defiant, or even vengeful


Small Steps toward Improvement

For parents and teachers:

Believe in your children’s ability to change and manage their behavior in appropriate ways.
Discover what your child truly enjoys and join her in doing these activities.
Identify the positives.
Be inquisitive: ask children if the problem/consequence works for them?
Ask what they could do differently next time.

While we are lead to believe that happiness is external and found outside ourselves,
what is going to happen if we wait for everyone else to make magic happen?

To Children:

You are the reason I do this work & I am here.
You are born with natural empathy.
To children who are our teachers~ What do you think the world needs more of?

To Parent:

Regard yourself as a guide to bring out the sweetness of your child.

Drama Therapy shows you how:

We can create the kind of world we want.
We can create and foster a peaceful place we can turn to and feel connected to, and go back to.
You can find tools to help you create this inner environment before you go to work or school.

Divorce Counseling for Children: 

I help children find acceptance of their parents’ divorce and separation, and deal with sadness and anger over losses experienced within the family.

Resources and inspiration

Sesame Street’s special on young children and divorce “Big Feelings Song”

“Ladybug Picnic”

“This Little Light of Mine”