Finding Courage to Love Again

If your partner has had an affair….don’t wait for things to get better.

No matter how difficult this time can be, and how badly you feel, you will get through it
even if you don’t know exactly how, or when, always know and remember this.

I have over 30 years experience as a licensed MFT working in the San Francisco Bay Area, helping hundreds of clients find deeper love and happiness; to be more authentic; and to lead more meaningful lives.

Deciding whether or not to stay or leave your relationship?

Are you afraid to show or admit how much you actually do care? 

If you do decide to stay, I can give you three steps to show you how to forgive; how to improve the situation; and how to find ways to rebuild trust with your partner.

I am here for you. I provide essential support amidst the confusion and feelings of fear of loss and betrayal.  I can show you how to build more optimism and find the necessary confidence to move on.

To Love Yourself – no matter what

Discover how to deepen trust in yourself while you consider how to grow and enhance loving relationships.

Lawyers charge $500 an hour! Relationship counseling is far less expensive than divorce!

As you decide what to do to move forward- honoring the anger and grief, feeling devastated, betrayed, ultimately deciding whether or not to rebuild, forgive and forge a stronger bond with your partner and ultimately make for a stronger relationship – or, if you do instead decide to separate, I am here to support you.

Meeting the Challenges of Dating Again:
Learning how to overcome your fear of being hurt again

Rebuilding your life: Getting used to being single and living alone again

Are you caught in the habitual tendency to judge yourself or others? Do you keep marrying “the same person” over and over again? Are you susceptible to Fears of Inadequacy, feelings of Jealousy and Resentment?

If you are Struggling with a tendency to choose unhealthy relationships, we can work on how to successfully confront fears of intimacy, of losing control or merging with your partner, or fears of loss and abandonment. All Relationships challenge us to overcome our insecurity, uncertainty and disappointment.

Therapy is an interactive process in which each session, I provide you with tools to overcome long-standing loneliness, hopelessness, stress, and anxiety.

If you have decided to go outside your relationship, or are even contemplating the possibility of straying, or feel stuck (either struggling with constant boredom, or longing for sex-worth-having), I am a relationship expert with over 30 years, working as a marriage and dating specialist, and I can help you.

Safe. Confidential. Professional.