I see the best in you.

Psychotherapy gives you The Courage to Love and Accept yourself Unconditionally

Specializing in CBT (Cognitive Therapy): Practical Tools for now and the future:
Quickly and Successfully Overcoming Negative, Distressing Thoughts, Worry and Depression and Judgements and Exclusion!

Cognitive Therapy allows you to let go of the negative thoughts that so often lead to depression and anxiety.

Do you often feel annoyed because you have the same re-occurring negative thoughts over and over?

Psychotherapy provides a safe place to create a structure to overcome negative thoughts.

I can provide you effective evidence-based tools to build courage in the face of depression, loneliness and hopelessness.

Have you experienced difficulties with your parents as a child?

Have you been humiliated, shamed or criticized at work or in school?

Do you sometimes believe your sadness is just not important enough to acknowledge?

You can call me 415.420.3619

Do you feel more and more isolated and more willing to give up on people whom you once felt close to?

Do you find yourself projecting your anger or blame toward strangers or even toward people you love?

You can call me 415.420.3619

I can show you specific tools to accomplish your goals, put depression behind you, so that you can ultimately create a life that celebrates your strengths.

Ilene Wolf, MFT is a CBT Trained, TEAM certified, Drama Therapist.
Ilene won The California Marriage and Family Therapist Education Foundation Award (2012) and has taught
throughout the Bay Area, including at UC Berkeley and The Mental Research Institute (MRI).
Ilene is a certified Hypnotherapist and a member of the Bay Area Milton Erickson Institute.
Ilene has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for over thirty years.

Offices in San Francisco Bay Area and Marin

Call me. Most people find results right away.

Ilene WolfLicensed Marriage and Family Therapists,  MFT

415 420 3619

You will begin to feel hopeful, confident, motivated,
and more able to greet the day.

For patients who want quick, deep and lasting change and help to address anxiety, depression, dating, work and relationship problems, habits and addictions.

For Individuals, couples and families who want to do short term work for three to ten hours a day.
You may live out of town or be motivated to address the problem with the immediacy and the effectiveness that this format brings.
Most people see results right away.