In-Person Therapy Appointments now available in both San Francisco and Marin.


“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.”

– Marcus Aurelius


Also available: Highly Effective Therapy – Affordable Group Therapy


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Brief-Solution Focused Therapy to Turn your Life into a Success Story

You can be happy in spite of everything. I am here for you. I can show you practical communication tools so you can experience joy, let go of anger and hurt and the disappointment that so often can get in the way of loving relationships. You will find a new level of confidence which will allow you to experience more joy and more happiness in your most important and sometimes confounding relationships. My therapeutic approach will help you overcome day-to-day anxiety, and defeat negative thoughts that too often lead to depression. If you struggle with problems in relationships or within yourself, with addiction, compulsion, or worry, dread and fear, you can call me.

Research reveals: Therapy 32 times more cost effective at increasing happiness than money