I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen. ~ A.A. Milne

This is What Happy Feels Like™

Ilene Wolf Psychotherapist, Relationship Specialist

I am here for you to make the kind of changes necessary to allow you be the person you very much want to be, experiencing more joy, more happiness in your relationships. I see the best in you. I can help you overcome day-to-day anxiety, defeat negative thoughts that too often lead to depression. If you struggle with problems in relationship or within yourself, with addiction, compulsion, or phobias and fears, you can call me.

I have helped hundreds of individuals, children and couples for over twenty years in San Francisco and Marin.

As an expert in dealing with the effects of depression, I can teach you how to break free from defensive patterns that keep you locked in destructive behavior that does not serve you. I can help you create a positive self-dialog to raise your self esteem and cultivate more loving relationships.

Have you locked yourself into an unloving relationship?

John Gottman, Phd. who has interviewed thousands of couples in relationship, describes how four survival techniques interfere with cultivating a loving relationship:

  • defensiveness
  • criticism
  • stonewalling or giving someone “the silent treatment”
  • contempt

You do have a choice. You can change defensive patterns and beliefs. You can discover what else is possible.

You will discover your ability to handle difficult conversations by utilizing proven tools. Many relationship problems are essentially trust issues, stemming from our early childhood experiences, blueprints and impressions that carry over in our day to day experiences. Discover ways to trust yourself and your partner.

      • The Universal laws of love based on nonviolent communication
      • The essential ingredient of love is the power behind vulnerability
      • Finding the confidence to stand up to everyday conflict in relationships at the work place and home
      • The art of showing and receiving empathy
      • Why requests and needs are repeatedly not met, and what you can do about it
      • Requests as camouflaged demands
      • Learn research-proven tools that help create positive changes in your relationships

We all have felt and feared our vulnerability, yet this essential ingredient is what truly connects us. This therapy will show you how to have a RELATIONSHIP THAT WORKS.



Call me. Most people find results right away.

Ilene WolfLicensed Marriage and Family Therapists,MFT, RDT/BCT

415 420 3619

You will begin to feel hopeful, confident, motivated,
and more able to greet the day.

Psicotherapia también disponibles en Español.

For patients who want quick, deep and lasting change and help to address anxiety, depression, dating, work and relationship problems, habits and addictions.

For Individuals, couples and families who want to do short term work for three to ten hours a day.
You may live out of town or be motivated to address the problem with the immediacy and the effectiveness that this format brings.
Most people see results right away.